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November 2019 Water Sector Cyber Threat Briefing by WaterISAC

Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET (Members Only)

Join WaterISAC’s Water Sector Cyber Threat Briefing on November 13 for a different take on how water and wastewater utilities can protect their systems and networks from cyber attacks. Most briefings focus on protecting assets from the defender’s point-of-view, but this month WaterISAC will put its members into the mind of a hacker. Specifically, WaterISAC will be joined by a group of penetration testers who will share their experiences hacking into and taking control of sensitive systems, including those involving operational technology (OT).

For this briefing, Ken Munro, Mark Harrison, and Chris Pritchard from the cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners will discuss how they identified and exploited weaknesses in organizations’ technology infrastructure. In one real-world application, they were able to reverse engineer OT and remote communication hardware components to move a mobile drilling rig off station, remotely and unauthenticated. Their findings, which they will map to vulnerabilities in the water and wastewater sector, highlight how long distance communications systems to remote stations are changing OT security. They will address the lessons that can be taken from this and other cases, the questions to ask equipment suppliers, and how to mitigate attacks, leading them to a discussion of the hotly debated question, “Is anything unhackable?”

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