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Black Sky Resources


Black Sky power outages - outages lasting a month or more and affecting multiple states - could turn a natural or manmade disaster into a catastrophe. The resources included below describe resilience measures that water and wastewater utilities might consider in order to maintain service during Black Sky outages.

Attached Below

  • WaterISAC Black Sky Hazards & Water Sector Resilience:  Recording, Slide Deck and CEU Materials
  • Draft Black Sky Playbook for the Water Sector 3.0 (EIS Council)

Resource List

Plan to Play in EarthEx 2018 (August 22)

Hosted by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council, EARTH EX addresses this unprecedented global risk by hosting unprecedented, interactive, all-sector, all-nation exercises. EARTH EX is a state-of-the-art, video-enabled, distributed, collaborative partner-developed exercise designed to meet this need. Each year, the exercise is based on a different, selected Black Sky hazard.  In 2018, an unprecedented combination of video-enabled and text-based injects will support interactive participation of 20 different sectors.